About Us

The Nantucket Trading Company’s Original Colours of New England range is a premium / luxury brand of high quality paint with a light and natural colour palette of 25 shades inspired by the historic homes and architecture, iconic lighthouses, open harbours and dramatic beaches of Nantucket island.

This unique island, 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, is riot of sun-bleached whites, cranberry bog reds, sea grass greens, grey and sky blues and sunny yellows.
These are the timeless, stylish shades that transcend mere fashion and trends and are perennially popular in homes around the world.

The Nantucket Trading Company and iPatch are registered trademarks of The Colour & Decor Company Ltd. We are an innovative online paint retailer and with our unique iPatch colour test swatches have done away with the need for messy, environmentally damaging tester pots and revolutionised the way that paint is chosen, tested and bought.

We work with designer brands to develop and launch exclusive premium paint collections. Our experienced design team work closely with each brand to develop both classic and contemporary colour palettes that reflect each brand's unique character and vision.